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H.E.C is now Recycling!

H.E.C is now recycling:

Make a difference, recycle now!

Recycling is now an essential measure; it’s time for everyone in society to become more responsible towards the environment.

H.E.C Green in collaboration with the NGO L’Ecoute realized that together change can be made easily, to reduce waste, save energy, protect wildlife, prevent global warming, and the most important reason is to create jobs for disabled people.


L’Ecoute is an NGO which started in 1990 with a group of volunteers attending to the needs of certain disabled persons (basically deaf). As the needs continued to grow, the volunteers continued their help until L’Ecoute NGO became an official organization in 1999.

Today, L’Ecoute works hand in hand with and for the disabled persons (deaf, blind, or with reduced mobility) and sick people. It is continuously helping them achieve the following targets:

  • promote their socio-cultural integration in society
  • foster their integration in the workplace
  • facilitate their communication with others, and the transportation needs of people with reduced mobility.

With the growing services provided by L’Ecoute, it became necessary to finance them. 

L’Ecoute recycling was created as a branch of L’Ecoute, with purpose to auto-finance its projects while attending to a crucial need in our country: awaken society to the necessity of engaging in the sustainable development and be its active artisan.  In this way, while helping at the ecological level, L’Ecoute assumes, since few years now, the financing of projects to serve handicapped people.  It collects household and industrial waste, sorts it, and routes it to recycling centers. L’Ecoute recycling is an entity of L’Ecoute that targets specific people and professionals.

Social Aid:

  • Hearing kits for children.
  • Financing of cochlear implant operations for deaf children.
  • Execution of the renovation works of the locale of the Chaplaincy of the Deaf.
  • Helped the war refugees in 2006 in partnership with the Greek Catholic Diocese of Beirut.
  • Supply of few dispensaries with medications.
  • Medical, Para-medical, scholarly, and nutritional support.


How the procedure is made?

1- Waste is collected on a bi-weekly to monthly routine, depending on the needs, vans of the association ensure the collection of materials located at suppliers’ home or premises.
2- Waste is then routed to the sorting center of the association and divided according to their category.

Wastes currently being treated are:

  • Paper : If necessary, it is chopped to ensure appropriate confidentiality
  • Carton
  • Plastic (water bottles, and also shampoos, detergents, …)
  • Aluminum (beverage cans, boxes of milk powder , …)
  • Iron
  • Printer Toners
  • Electrical. L'Ecoute Electrical Recycling also provides the following services:
    · Dismantling of various electronic items going to scrapping (computers, household
       appliances …) in order to recover raw materials.
    · Repair of broken appliances for redistribution to people in need.

3- After all this process, the material is then routed to recycling plants where it is sold.